Hello hipsterweirdal ♥


Hello to my favorite Weird Al account: hipsterweirdal! I’m back :) I deactivated my former account, but I’m here again :3 Here’s a digital twinkie wiener sandwich, since I can’t give you a real one (yet)…


Thank you so much, this is such an honor! My favorite!

superwholockphilia-deactivated2 asked
omg your blog ♥ ROTFLOL (big weird al fan btw) HI!!! I'd give you a twinkie wiener sandwich if we meet haha

Thank you! I could definitely go for a Twinkie wiener sandwich right about now. Also it’s cool seeing someone who’s a fan of Weird Al, Doctor Who, and Sherlock haha

thehillhaseyes asked
I just found your blog earlier today and I say it's pretty awesome. Now, please please bring some updates!!!

Thanks so much! With Mandatory Fun being released next week, there will definitely be some updates coming soon :)

meaty-chunks-of-life asked
I know each episode by heart. Now I'm the rerun king. This blog of yours is GENIUS. Wesley

Thank you, Meaty Chunks of Life :D

theyelladart asked
This is spectacular. All of it. Thank you.

I’m glad you enjoy it :D

whitepeoplecutlery asked
YOUR BLOG IS PURE GOLD. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST IDEA EVER. I have not laughed so hard in weeks, you are brilliant. +1 Follow

Thank you so much! I don’t have a lot of followers on this blog but the followers I do have seem to really appreciate it :)